Introducing Ourselves

Well, before we start sharing some interesting stories, we thought we should quickly introduce ourselves first.
We are Rich and Carol, and we love sports¬† as you can tell by reading this blog. We met throughout a mutual triathlon friend 9 years ago, and we have been together since our first date. Our love story couldn’t been told within a blog post, but we will be giving you guys a glance of what this love+sports+endurance is all about for us!! To start, lets get to a few facts about ourselves:
Names: Ana Carolina Monteiro da Silva Wygand (yes, this long!!) and Richard Wygand (short and sweet!!:)
Ages: Carol 32 and Rich 34
Started in sports: Carol- started swimming when I was 9 years old. Rich: Basketball with 11 years of age.

Why triathlon? Carol: Because I was a horrible swimmer, and specially because I wanted to follow my brother’s path. Rich: Because I was overweight, and decided to change my life!! Wowww!!!

Special moment in sports: Carol: When my brother Fred and I won an entire aquathlon championship, and we were offered a sponsorship. Richard: When I won my first triathlon overall.
Dream: Carol -I live the dream, but I could have a few (lot) more things…haha. Rich: To win an Ironman.
Favorite hobby: When we are not swimming, biking or running, the other favorite thing we both love to do is to play with our dog Bolt (named after Usain Bolt). He is the best doggie ever, and he can run fast too!!!:)
There you have it, a few facts about us, and below a picture of races we have done long long time ago. Its hard to tell exactly when the races happened, but Rich’s picture is probably from 2006, the middle one is from the first race Rich saw Carol participating (2007 ish), and Carol’s picture should be from around 1998-1999.
Fotos -carol